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One of the great things that came out of our recent conference was incredible generosity!! We were able to collect over $400 in cash, countless gift cards as well as baby clothes, food, toys and diapers for our friend Gee-u. Gee-u underwent a transplant three weeks ago after three medications failed him. Here he is at the Princess Margaret Lodge. He looks pretty great, doesn't he?? Thank you all for your help. Gee-u's wife Aileen sent a message yesterday:
"Hi Lisa.
Again, thank you so much. Please extend my gratitude to all the people who gave stuff for the twins and gift cards and to all who wished my husband well.
My husband is now finally home and he is doing great. He only feels tired most of the time and sometimes a little chill but he seems fine.
We are still taking donations at And if you missed Gee-u's story, check it out here:

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We had another fabulous Living Well with CML 2017 conference! Really the best one ever. We had the opportunity to hear from Princess Margaret's Daniela Fierini on how to keep your gut healthy and resilient, despite harsh medications. Timo Makori shared his experience as a young person living with a serious chronic illness. And Dr. Jeff Lipton also spent the morning with us, and lending his insights to a panel discussion on treatment-free remission. It was an interesting discussion that really revolved around the perception of risk. Do you consider TFR a life or death decision? If you do, perhaps that's worth reconsidering .... because living or dying isn't what you need to base your decision on - at least that's what doctors are saying. According to them, it's more like, live or live - because even if you relapse, medication can be restarted and get you back - or close to - where you were before. ...

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Thanks to Garland for suggesting that we share this fundraising event... on May 27th don't recycle your empties, or leave them on your porch for the bottle lady, bring them to your local beer store! ...

Save those long weekend empties! #BottleDrive2017 is 7 days away! Bring your empty beer, wine, and spirit containers to The Beer Store on May 27th to support The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada with UFCW Canada local 12R24.

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