We won’t stop until there is a cure.

“When Richard was diagnosed with CML at the age of nine, I felt as though my world had shattered. Those pieces are being put back together by the kindness & love given by our family, medical team & online community. Life is a blessing & living it to its fullest is a priority!”- Lee Onslow

“With Your Support, I am back in the Saddle!!”- Lynda Morris

I have CML.

Now what?

Symptoms of CML

“This is me in 2008, when I wasn’t sure if I would see my loves grow up. They are teenagers now.” — Lisa Machado

Testing for CML


Our Community



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The Canadian CML Network

The Canadian CML Network

The Canadian CML Network is a community dedicated to providing educational and social support to peo

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And that's a wrap!
Thanks to everyone who came out to the The Canadian CML Network's "Back & Better Than Ever" conference. It was an INCREDIBLE day and a half!! We were even joined by the CML Buster Foundation who came all the way from the United States.
*borrowing Joannie Clements photos 🙂
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As we get ready for our 2023 conference, here's a look back to the last time our community met in person 🙂
Looking forward to seeing everyone this weekend!🔥
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Save The Date - Get ready for it! September 30 - The "We're Back and Better Than Ever" conference https://mailchi.mp/fc4ac0a5c9fb/save-the-date

Excellent panel discussion kicked off by perspective of patient & patient advocate @CdnCMLNetwork -- "living with certain uncertainty". Slowing disease progression imp from patient perspective #CADTHSymp @CanCertainty

North American reps @jerryclem51 and @Iamlisamachado moderating the first medical session at CML Horizons in the beautiful Marrakech with @andreasHochhaus and @janeapperley #CMLHZ22

Today I’m recognizing International #ClinicalTrials Day #ICTD2022 by thanking everyone involved in clinical trials- participants, researchers, nurses, pharmacists, #PatientPartners and more- for all you do/have done to help us gain more knowledge and evidence. 🙏

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