We won’t stop until there is a cure.

“When Richard was diagnosed with CML at the age of nine, I felt as though my world had shattered. Those pieces are being put back together by the kindness & love given by our family, medical team & online community. Life is a blessing & living it to its fullest is a priority!”- Lee Onslow

“With Your Support, I am back in the Saddle!!”- Lynda Morris

I have CML.

Now what?

Symptoms of CML

“This is me in 2008, when I wasn’t sure if I would see my loves grow up. They are teenagers now.” — Lisa Machado

Testing for CML


Our Community



Cover for The Canadian CML Network
The Canadian CML Network

The Canadian CML Network

The Canadian CML Network is a community dedicated to providing educational and social support to peo

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Want to have a say? If you have ever changed your CML medication, whether it was for intolerance or it just wasn't working, you understand how stressful and filled with emotion it can be. If you have a moment to share your experiences, fill out the questionnaire at the link below — you will be paid for your time.

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North American reps @jerryclem51 and @Iamlisamachado moderating the first medical session at CML Horizons in the beautiful Marrakech with @andreasHochhaus and @janeapperley #CMLHZ22

Today I’m recognizing International #ClinicalTrials Day #ICTD2022 by thanking everyone involved in clinical trials- participants, researchers, nurses, pharmacists, #PatientPartners and more- for all you do/have done to help us gain more knowledge and evidence. 🙏

Thank you to all the patients and allies who jumped through hoops at QP yesterday and called for equal access to take-home cancer drugs. See more here 👇

#BitterestPill #OncSM #CancerCannotWait


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