Want to know how to keep your gut healthy?

We are so excited about our latest collaboration! The last few months have been spent working with Nourish – a Quebec-based organization that focuses on nutrition education for people living with cancer – to create two editions of the The Healthy Gut Guide. With the insights of a team of expert dietitians, these guides tell the story of how keeping your gastrointestinal system in top shape is critical to overall health. With useful nutrition information, the guides feature simple food suggestions to not only keep your GI system working the way it should, but also to help you manage common medication side effects like nausea and diarrhea. Send your address to info@cmlnetwork.ca to order your free copy.

1 thought on “Want to know how to keep your gut healthy?”

  1. Jeana de los santos

    Yes please….i was dx abput month and half ago. I have been eating mostly organic non gmo, only eat small amts of chicken, some pasta and lots of fruits and veggies. Not sure if i am doing things right or not. When asking my oncologist about what diet i should follow, she said to eat what i want just cut back red meat lol.

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