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The toughest decision ever: To stop or not to stop

Sooner or later, many of us will be faced with perhaps the toughest decision ever since being diagnosed with CML: stopping our medication. It\’s true, studies have been underway for years all over the world, looking at what happens when someone with CML, who has maintained a deep response for a number of years, stops taking their medication. The results have been stunning, showing that while some people relapse and have to restart their medication, many more do not. In fact, some have been \”off\” medication for years with no sign of relapse. Amazing. Amazing and so terrifying.

Erin Zammett-Ruddy has made her decision. Read her story, \”A cancer drug gave me this life. Can I survive without it,\”  published on Dr.Oz, The Good Life in October. What would you do?

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